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New Products and Innovations At Concept 76 Discount Window and Door

At Concept 76, we strive to keep up with the latest innovations, designs, new products and technological advances in our industry.
This, therefore, goes a long way to best serve the needs of our clients.
News of special deals, products and innovations can be found here, and will be found announced on social media. Come back often!

Exterior Door Pull Handles

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New Line of Exterior Door Pull Handles

Today’s modern trend is to use these beautiful pull handles for your front entry door! These high quality handles come in finishes of either smooth brushed nickel, or matt black “leather” texture.
Straight handles are available in eight different lengths, from 16″ (400mm) up to 71″ (1800mm) to accomodate any height of door.
Pull handles can be mounted on the exterior of your door, or back to back with a matching interior handle.

Added:  August 28, 2019

Slim Profile French Garden Patio Door

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New Slim Profile French Garden Patio and Entry Doors

Get up to 30% more light and viewing area with our latest design exterior doors!  Our high quality fiberglass smooth and textured surface exterior doors are now available with narrow stiles and rails. We mount the glass into the door using a slim, low-profile moulding instead of the more common 1″ wide contoured design. The photo at left shows the relative difference in glass size used for the old and new systems.
This new slim design can also  be incorporated into front or back entry doors, with or without sidelites.

Added: January 31, 2019

Novatech UNO Door with Steel Inserts

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Today’s trends are towards the ultra-modern or mid-century-modern designs for windows and doors. One of our latest creations is this insulated exterior door, with four stainless-steel horizontal “element” strips, modern pull handle, and factory-painted finish. Can be built as a single entry door, or as a complete system with one or two sidelites. Call us now for a quote.

Added: July 23, 2018

prehung shaker door

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Any interior door we sell can be pre-hung into a wooden frame for easy installation. The doors are bored for handle, and hinges are machined and installed into the door and frame. They can be supplied fully assembled, or ‘knocked down’ for easy transportation and on-site assembly. Choices of custom frame depths are available for proper fit into any depth of wall. This is, therefore, the excellent choice for the do-it-yourselfer, or home builder with a large number of interior door requirements.

Added: Feb. 21, 2018

Triple Low-e Insulating Glass

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Low-e Premium i89 Double Pane

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We now supply, at our client’s request, our custom made vinyl windows with the highest efficiency Zone 3 Rating. In order to meet the Canadian government’s requirements, we upgrade the insulating glass to either Triple Pane with double layers of Low-e 180 glass, or with Double Pane, with Low-e i89 glass. Both types include an Argon Gas filled space between each pane of glass, and are the new State of the Art. Our windows are Energy Star certified, eligible for any government rebate programs which may be in effect.

Added: Jan. 26, 2018

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Newest Innovations!
Very high density composite material is used with our wood-grain textured exterior door frames. These carry a CAN/ULC  20 minute fire rating and can be used in conjunction with our 20 minute steel insulated exterior doors for a complete package. A further feature of the  high density material is that it provides a very strong resistant to break-ins. They can be easily painted, or gel-stain can be applied which results in an authentic wood-grain finish.

Added: Nov. 22, 2017

Douglas Fir Shaker Doors

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NEW FOR 2019!
In addition to Fir, we have added six more wood species for our stain grade shaker doors:
Clear Pine – Knotty Pine – Red Oak – Maple – Yellow Poplar – Knotty Alder

Our Douglas Fir doors are available in any of our current shaker designs. The neutral grain of Fir can be adapted to most situations with the right tone of staining, at prices much less than more exotic wood species. Add the warmth and beauty of natural wood to your home!

Added: Oct. 5, 2017
Updated: Dec. 13, 2018

Double Casement Window

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Laminated glass offers high security from forced entry, excellent sound insulation, and when coupled with our Low-E² 272 glass, provides enhanced thermal insulation. When you call for a custom window quote, ask about our current promotion for laminated security glass upgrades.

Added: Sept. 14, 2017