Order Pickup Procedures | Discount Doors


Pick Up Hours: Monday to Friday, 10:30am to 4:30pm
We can also arrange shipping of your order for a nominal fee

1. Please book a specific date and time for pickup, by contacting us at 416-661-6173, or email: orderupdate@discountdoor.com

2. When you arrive, please proceed directly to our shipping area. Shipping door is #10; you will see our sign on the rear entrance door.

3. Ring the Doorbell, give us the exact name as shown on your order, and we will bring your purchase to the shipping door.

4. Please bring with you any necessary cardboard, moving blankets, rope, etc. as may be necessary-we do not always have this on hand.

5. Please bring a helper if needed as our shipper is not authorized to load your vehicle